Delta Zeta believes that academic development and achievement should be the primary concern of all collegiate members. Academic excellence is the foundation of the Sorority and every chapter encourages high scholarship because you are first and foremost a student. Your membership in Delta Zeta is not meant to hinder your academic pursuit, but to enhance your education. You will find that Delta Zeta offers you many services to succeed academically. 

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Cumulative GPA 

The Beta Gamma chapter's cumulative grade point average for the 2019 Fall semester ranked the second highest among the other sororities on campus. Our GPA was above the all-female student semester GPA as well as the all Greek semester GPA. DZ has been one of the top chapters in academic rankings at the University of Louisville. Our chapter currently holds a cumulative 3.51 GPA.

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Turtle Tutors are upperclassmen assigned to each new member right after joining Delta Zeta. Turtle Tutors are in the same major or school as you that help you create schedules, study plans, help with homework, which professors to take, and much more. Turtle Tutors help make the transition into college easier while helping you have a successful first semester and college career. Turtle Tutors help you grow as a student, leader, and individual ready to enter the workforce!

Delta Zetas strive for academic excellence. As a member of Delta Zeta, there is a strong consideration given towards the scholarship and academic achievement. Delta Zeta stresses good scholarship in accordance with each member's ability and will help her in reaching her highest capability. The best possible education is more than just good grades. It is also excellence and a sound attitude toward learning.